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We like openness in our company and definitely towards our customers. That is why we invented a special calculation module that is accessible online for registered customers. Now you do not have to wait days any longer, before you get a price from your vendor!

When you register your company with us, you get access to the product calculator and can easily make your own calculations for plastic bags, plant- or flower sleeves or even sheets. Whether you want to calculate the cost of your new packaging, or a packaging you ordered in the past, we make it all available to you. It is fast and reliable, you can get a price now in 5 minutes, hassle free.


You start by entering the type of film and required dimensions, choose available options and you get a price instantly. The price even includes transport to your door and print plate costs when applicable. Now it is possible to easily estimate cost of a new project without informing your vendors and it can be done 24/7.


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