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Supply Chain Management

Besides offering a complete program of plastic packaging Emceepack can be of service in more fields. We can for example take the whole inventory management out of your hands. You can therefore concentrate more on your core business and even more important cut costs of packaging and organisation.
During a personal meeting we will analyse your needs in regards to the required packaging and timely needs. Because of our more efficient way of producing and handling the logistics part we can assure you that your packaging arrives in time.
The method of delivery, the time and location will be adapted to each other perfectly. You will receive the invoice after the shipment was delivered. This means an enormous savings on costs for packaging for you and just a tiny inventory risk.

Your advantages:
- One Account Manager
- No inventory management
- Less storage space required
- Less handling logistic wise
- Less administration
- Less invoicing
- Fewer personnel hours
- Just in time delivery to every location (worldwide)
- More time for your core business

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