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Carrier² ™

The carrier² sleeve is especially developed to protect flowers that cannot be in contact with eachother or other types of flowers. The carrier² sleeve is made from 3 layers of film and have 2 extra seals in the middle. This way we created a sleeve with 6 compartments.

So now you can pack 6 different mono bunches for a supermarket sale for example. 4 layers of film are also possible to create a sleeve with 9 compartments. A further development of a Carrier² sleeve for potted plants or perennials is in the works. More information will follow soon.


  • All flowersleeves and bouquet sleeves can be printed and produced from various films and qualities.
  • Fore mentioned sleeves are standard in our program, but you can also change the design or shape of the sleeves to create something even more unique. Call your representative for more information.

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