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Flat (block) Bottom Bags

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Flat (block) bottom bags are bags that have expandable side gussets and a square or rectangular folded bottom.

We can make flat (block) bottom bags in a wide range of sizes and quality films. Most of our flat bags are produced from PP films, but we can also make PE flat bags, or laminated films. When you would like a white card to be inserted in the bags we will do that.


  • All flat (block) bottom bags can be printed and made out of different qualities and thicknesses.
  • We always produce "custom made", so when you need a printed bag, you always have a unique bag in the market.
  • Combinations of any of the above, or many extra options are also possible, please contact your sales rep for more information and pricing.
  • Should you be looking for stock product, please check our webshop BagsXL

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