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Plant Sleeves

Our product calculator™ enables you to calculate your cost price, for the specifications you need, with just a few mouse clicks. We even indicate the cost of delivery to your door and you can submit the order directly when you are ready.

Straight plant sleeve
This is our base type sleeve. This is a generic plant sleeve and can be made from various kinds of plastic. Can be printed on one or two sides with every imaginable print, but can also be purchased plain unprinted.
Straight plant sleeve bundled
This is the same sleeve as our generic sleeve only with a header and easy tear-off perforation. The front side of the sleeve is always a little lower than the backside for easy separation and therefore packing of your plants.
Pyramid plant sleeve
This version of sleeves have a peak top backside that is taller than the front side. The pyramid plant sleeves give your plants that hand wrapped look. An extra large peak, can be flipped over your plants for better protection.

Shaped plant sleeve
These specially shaped potted plant sleeves follow the shape of your plants and give more enhancement. Ideal for small plants, such as Begonias and other flowery plants. The shaped sleeves come in a standard shape, but can also be custom-made.

Straight Cut sleeve
These sleeves are made from regular sleeves and cut to perfectly wrap your arrangements. Whether your plants are in a bowl, or dish we have the perfect sleeve to wrap them up.
Shaped Cut Sleeve
Same as the straight cut sleeve, but with an extra cut off to accommodate bigger arrangements. These cut plant sleeves wrap up your products perfectly and the top can be closed with a bow-tie or tape for better presentation.
Contrasto™ Moon top
The contrasto moon shape sleeves can be used for flowers as well as for potted plants. Can be made in various sizes to perfectly fit your pot and plant. The semi round moon shape top lets your product stand out even more.

Contrasto™ Scallop top
Same as the contrasto moon top, but with a scalloped top. Contrasto plant sleeves can be made in various sizes to fit your product. All types of print and even full prints are possible. We can also design your own top to deliver you an exclusive sleeve.



  • All mentioned (potted) plant sleeves can be printed and made out of different types of material.
  • These types of sleeves are standard in our program, but combinations of any of the above are also possible, please contact your sales rep for more information and pricing.

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